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3 Bequests Boost New Fundraising Campaign

Hope Wentworth Johnson

The bequest gift of Hope Wentworth Johnson ’49 SPH is benefiting the new Speak Up for Stoneleigh-Burnham Campaign.

Three generous bequests given by Hope Wentworth Johnson ’49 SPH, Christine Hoecke ’61 MAB and former Trustee William Trebilcock P’85 will make a significant impact on the new Speak Up for Stoneleigh-Burnham Campaign.

Hope Wentworth Johnson ’49 SPH grew up on the East Coast and was living in Sedona, Arizona, at the time of her passing in 2019. She made provisions in her will for an unrestricted gift to Stoneleigh-Burnham. Her nephew Jim Baker said, “Some of my Aunt Hope’s most valued lifelong friendships began at your school; a testimonial to the enduring community your school has built.”

Christine Hoecke ’61 MAB passed away in December 2020. She considered her education and experience at Stoneleigh-Burnham a transformational force—guiding her throughout life. To give back, she bequeathed the proceeds from the sale of her home to SBS. Chris had a long and distinguished government career at the U.S. Maritime Administration. After her retirement, she met Trustee Denise Bruner ’70 at an alumnae dinner in Arlington, Virginia. The two remained in touch. Denise said, “Chris faithfully read The Bulletin and was always interested to hear what was happening at school.”

William Trebilcock P’85 supported SBS every year, right up until he passed away in January of 2019. Bill was a trustee at Stoneleigh-Burnham from 1982 to 1994, during and after his daughter Evelyn ’85 attended the school. Said Evelyn, “My dad, Bill Trebilcock, believed in giving. In his Last Will and Testament, he made a few bequests—including one for Stoneleigh-Burnham School. I think he chose Stoneleigh-Burnham because he knew how transformative it was for me as a student, and because he enjoyed serving as a trustee.”

These kind individuals have left a legacy of philanthropy that will benefit Stoneleigh-Burnham and its students for years to come. The Speak Up for Stoneleigh-Burnham Campaign will help SBS overcome the financial impact of the pandemic and plan for the future.

Find out how you, too, can impact the lives of Stoneleigh-Burnham students with a legacy gift. Contact Susan Mattei at 413.774.2711 x247 or to learn more.