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Discovering a Passion for Science

Ruth Ann Carpenter

Ruth Ann Carpenter '77 has included a gift for Stoneleigh-Burnham in her will.

Throughout her career as a practicing dietitian and wellness professional, Ruth Ann Carpenter ’77 collected inspiring stories about people and food. When the newspaper and magazine clippings had piled up, she made a long-time dream come true. She changed her life, taking a sabbatical to meet the people she’d read about over the years, hear their stories about food, and broaden the way she thought about people’s relationships with food. The result is Feast of Humanity, which includes a book in progress and an emerging website, One of the complimentary features is a downloadable curriculum that guides learners through exploration, reflection, and discussion about the intersection of food, life, and humanity.

Ruth Ann has never forgotten her time at Stoneleigh-Burnham and has included a gift for SBS in her will. She credits science teacher Mrs. Davis and a spring term SBS internship with helping her discover that her true passion was the field of science. She says Stoneleigh-Burnham gave her the chance to gain confidence trying new things and launched her love of learning.

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