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Laura Richards '60 SPH: Grace, Tenacity and Humility

Lynn Schultz Kehoe and Laura Richards

Lynn Schultz Kehoe '77 presented Laura Richards '60 SPH with The Emerson Medal to honor the School's 150th Anniversary.

Laura Richards '60 SPH was recently honored at Reunion 2019 with The Emerson Medal, established for the School's 150th Anniversary. Recognizing Susan Mabel Hood Emerson and her family, who served the Mary A. Burnham, Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill and Stoneleigh-Burnham schools for many years, the award honors a recipient who demonstrates the grace, tenacity and humility with which Mrs. Emerson accomplished her greatest dreams.

Since graduation, Laura has served Stoneleigh-Burnham as a class agent, a trustee, and for five years as board chair (2003 to 2008). Current board chair Lynn Schultz Kehoe '77, who presented the award, said, "Laura has taught me many valuable lessons, has shown great kindness, and never ceases to amaze me with the wealth of information she possesses about our school. She has earned the love and respect of thousands of Stoneleigh-Burnham sisters."

Like Laura, you can make a meaningful difference in our future when you include the School in your estate plan. To learn more, contact Susan Mattei at or 413.774.2711 x247.