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Finding an Easy Way to Give Back

Paul Schipper and Denise Bruner

Through a simple change of beneficiaries to her life insurance policy, Denise Bruner '70, pictured her with her husband, Paul Schipper, is able to give back to SBS in a meaningful way.

Dr. Denise Bruner '70 speaks about Stoneleigh-Burnham with an intense love and gratitude. She credits the School with opening her eyes to the potential in her own life.

"I had no idea what I could or would become until I came to Stoneleigh-Burnham," she says. Even more important, she says, were the bonds she formed with other young women that still continue today. "As an only child, Stoneleigh-Burnham gave me an idea of what it means to belong to a sisterhood."

During a discussion with her financial planner, Denise discovered that she could name SBS as the beneficiary of her life insurance policy. Being able to make her gift in this simple way was surprising, and it was an easy choice for her.

"I found out anyone can do this," she says. "You can give either all or part of the policy to the School." Even though Denise plans to be around for a long, long time, having made her gift in this way has satisfied her desire to keep giving to the School that has meant so much to her.

Denise really hopes others can consider this easy way of supporting the Stoneleigh-Burnham mission and its future. To learn more about ways to give back through your will or estate plan, contact Susan Mattei at 413.774.2711 x247 or